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Toronto Chinese Match和其他在线约会网站之间的区别?





How To Signup
Registration is free. You will fill out a questionnaire and we will scan it to ensure it is complete and genuine. Our dating Consultant will review your dating requirements and contact you to discuss how we can help you.

We Do No Signup Everyone
We  will turn away clients if there is a mismatch between our resources and our client’s expectation. The reason for this is we like to be honest and be respectful of our client’s precious time.

Difference between TorontoChineseMatch and other online dating websites?
We are a matchmaking service for marriage. Therefore, our members should be sincere and genuine with their intentions. Other online dating websites may be geared towards different type of relationships, but ours is focused on long-term commitment.

Difference between TorontoChineseMatch and other matchmaking companies?
We specialize in serving Chinese singles in Toronto, where as other matchmaking companies serve the general population. Here at TorontoChineseMatch, you will have more opportunities of finding quality Chinese singles. If you want the best Chinese food, would you go to an Italian restaurant? By the way, Italian food is amazing!

Why are we number one in the business? 
We are the most active Chinese matchmaking company in Toronto. We advertise on all the major Toronto Chinese medias to giving us complete coverage in the Chinese community;  3 largest Chinese TV programs, 2 largest Chinese radios, 2 largest Chinese newspapers, and the largest Chinese website. 

Your privacy?
We respect your privacy.  We do not post your picture or share your personal identification to the general public.

Membership Package Options

Duration       12 months       36 months       36 months
Price       $800 $599       $1999 $1299          $2999 1999
Price Per Month       $50 / month       $36 / month       $55 / month
Number of Matches       5 - 15 matches       12  - 35 matches       12 - 35 matches
(more quality matches)
Personal Match Consultant         included       included
Private Introduction         included       included
Access To Elite Members         included       included
Headhunting Service           included
Advertisement Service           included


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